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Evoke Flooring

Evoke Flooring

Flooring Cache provides you a large collection of Evoke flooring. Evoke floors represents the very best in industry standards. We recommend you to check our Evoke Flooring Collection. Evoke floors are manufactured and distributed by Metropolitan Hardwood Floors. 

Evoke Laminate Flooring

Evoke's laminate floors are rich in character: some down to earth, some with a sophisticated polish. Whether your tastes are modern or vintage, you'll click with one of these characters.

Evoke VCC Vinyl Flooring

Evoke Flooring VCC – That's vinyl composite core - combines the very best feathers of both laminate and luxury vinyl. The boards are rigid planks with a click together joint system like laminate, but they're constructed from a waterproof vinyl composite material which gives them the "install it anywhere' flexibility of vinyl flooring.

Evoke Flooring is now Greenguard gold

Green Guard Gold is the new Highest independently regulated standard in “Indoor Air Quality”, and we are proud to support a manufacturer that cares! Kentwood, Evoke and Abode Flooring and all other products that they manufacture and distribute in flooring are green guard gold and TSCA complaint. #environmentalistslovethisstuff

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