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Wallpaper accent wall is a new trend and Flooring Cache has you covered. Modern and stylish non-woven wallpaper from leading designers for any taste with styles to choose from.

Reasons to Use Non-woven Wallpaper

DIY Friendly
Special blends of natural materials makes Non-woven Wallpapers washable and easy to clean
Tear resistant 
Breathable fibers so there will be no mildew or mold growing behind it

Pro Tip: Our wallpapers are DIY friendly. Instead of pasting the paper, you paste the wall with a brush or paint roller. The result: quicker application and less mess. This paper generally is easier to remove.

Wallpaper Installation Instructions:

1. Check the walls before installing wallpapers bought at to ensure they are smooth and free from debris

2. Cut the first wallpaper to desired size, then follow the wallpaper's pattern repeat information, cut the second piece of wallpaper

3. Using your adhesive application tool apply adhesive evenly on the wall, then wait for 3-5 minutes

4. Measure and draw a reference line. Then paste the first wallpaper from top to bottom by while following this reference line. follow wallpaper pattern repeat information,

5. Using a clean damp sponge or foam smoothing brush, and press the wallpaper from the center to sides to make the wallpaper better pasted

6. Make sure repeat is aligned and the edges are smooth. Cut overage, remove excess paste, If air bubbles are found, please puncture them with a little needle, then plain the surface with appropriate tools

Important Wallpaper Information:

1. Wallpaper glue is not included, but can be purchased locally.

2. Due to different device settings and light effect, the actual color of this brick wallpaper might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures

3.Due to the difference between the different batches, please buy enough rolls at once.

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