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Vinyl Tile - Marble Design - FC 350

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Short Description
This vinyl tile is a beautiful and durable tile that comes with huge health benefits when it comes to killing and preventing the spread of germs, fungi and bacteria.

Another advantage is that these tiles are infused with Nano Silver technology that helps to eradicate all known odours. All this helps to create a cleaner and fresher environment.

- Origin: Korea
- Model Number: FC350
- Brand Name: LAFLOR
- Features: Resilient vinyl tile, Wild plank with Marblion styles, colors and patterns
- Material Feature: High sound absorption, easy to install combining with different products
- Special Features: Beauty, durability, water resistance, anti-slip
- Thickness: 3mm
- Usage: Residential, Commercial and Public places
- Surface: UV Coated, Nano Silver
- Packaging: 16pcs / box (35 SQ.FT)